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How do I know if my area is scheduled for reclamation?

How do I know if I am squatting on Crown Land?

How do I know if my land papers are legitimate and registered correctly?

Why can't I build here if I'm a Turks and Caicos Islander?

I've been living on this land for years, why can't I stay here?

I was granted this land by the Crown Land Unit but I never paid the fee. What should I do?

Someone built on my land illegally, how do I evict them?

Someone sold me land and I have a receipt. I have since learned that the land was Crown Land and not theirs to sell. What should I do?

How do I apply for Crown Land?

How do I apply for the Crown Land that I have already built on?

Where can I find laws relating to the use and acquisition of Crown Land?

What are my legal and human rights as a squatter?

Frequently Asked Questions

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