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Informal Settlements Unit Connects with Haitian Community Through the Radio Waves

PROVIDENCIALES, TCI OCTOBER 3, 2023: The informal Settlements Unit (ISU) is continuing its progress with informing the public about the importance of their mission as they reach out to the non-English-speaking communities of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

This intercultural communication has started in the Haitian community via the radio waves. The ISU partnered with a figurehead of the Haitian community, Pastor Solomon Morency, owner of Example of Christ: Radio Creole 95.1 FM, to connect with his listeners and inform them of the organization’s efforts.

Justice Carlos Simons, the Strategic Lead of the ISU was joined by Dominique Durham, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Physical Planning and Infrastructure Development during his appearance on Example of Christ: Radio Creole 95.1 FM.

Speaking on the partnership, Justice Carlos Simons, KC, Strategic Lead of the ISU, said, “We are very excited to partner with Pastor Morency to reach the Haitian community with vital information on our work and the services that are available as we continue our commitment in empowering the non-English speaking residents while helping to mitigate the formation of informal settlements.” He continued, “Our organization has taken a proactive approach to address this issue head-on and educate all residents through information. We seek to empower individuals by equipping them with crucial knowledge and resources to navigate the challenges associated with informal settlements.”

Pastor Morency has already hosted two live radio shows with members of the ISU and its supporting committees, and he is excited to continue his partnership with the organization to help disseminate information in the Haitian community.

Pastor Morency commented, “I am happy to partner with Justice Simons and his team. Through my station, I have been able to communicate and share important information with the Haitian people here in the Turks and Caicos Islands. By coming down to our station and reaching out to the people, in Creole, it shows how important it is to the ISU that everyone is not only made aware of the situation, but also how to protect themselves against misinformation regarding planning permissions when building their homes or any illegal land deals.”

Through a translator, Justice Simons, along with members of the Crown Land Unit and the

Ministry of Physical Planning and Infrastructure Development, discussed the organization's goal to build safer and more sustainable communities in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Justice Carlos Simon, the Strategic Lead of the ISU (R), Dominique Durham, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Physical Planning and Infrastructure Development (L) with, Pastor Salomon Morency (C) owner and host of Example of Christ, Radio Creole 95.1 FM.

“In an increasingly interconnected world, effective communication is paramount to the work of our organization,” Justice Simons said, “and we are excited to continue our collaboration with Pastor Morency to keep everyone informed. We hosted a live call-in show last Saturday,

September 30th, where members of the community were able to call in with their questions and concerns, which we were able to answer,” he said.

The ISU is also actively updating its website to include both Haitian Creole and Spanish

translations to accompany the default English text. A translation into Tagalog is also planned as part of their future updates.

Justice Simons added, “We recognize the challenges faced by non-native English speakers in accessing vital services, information, and opportunities. By making content available in their native language, we are striving to create an environment that fosters understanding, inclusivity, and collaboration.”

He continued, “This will be an ongoing effort, and our team will be targeting all these communities through various dissemination channels to ensure that the work and mandate of the Informal Settlements Unit are being shared with all residents, whether English is their first language or not.”

For more information on the Informal Settlements Unit, residents are encouraged to visit their

office on the 2nd floor of Laporte's Plaza, Downtown, Providenciales, and subscribe to their

multilingual website at on the web.

Residents are also encouraged to follow the organization on their social media pages on

Facebook and Instagram @isutci.


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